Send More Money Worldwide with WorldRemit Promo Code

Taking care of your family doesn’t end when you move out of your home. Most people are still connected to their loved ones even when they are abroad, thanks to technology. Not only do you get to call them up on their phones, but you can also chat and even do a video call with them from time to time. Another aspect that technology has helped families with is sending money online. Remittance companies have sprung up across the globe, but with their high surcharges, it pays to take a look at what the WorldRemit promo code is all about. 


How WorldRemit Coupon Saves You More Money


People often choose to send money through their banks to ensure the safety and security of their data and the funds they will send. This is the traditional way of remitting money for most people over the past few decades. Although these financial institutions guarantee that your money will be deposited into the recipient’s account, you will be forced to pay a high fee for their service. 


Aside from their high transaction rates, you will notice that sending money through this option is their low exchange rate. This means that the funds that you will send will be significantly lower. This will not do if your loved ones need financial assistance or you want to send them extra money for their day-to-day expenses.


WorldRemit changes how remittance works by offering lower transaction fees and speeding up the money transfer. With banks, it can take days before the funds are credited to your recipient’s account. This will not be a problem if you use an online money transfer service like WorldRemit. In what way does this company save you money? 


  • Lower transaction fees


Compared to banks and other remittance companies, WorldRemit has a much lower service charge. This means that you can add extra savings to the money you will send to your loved ones. Even when you compare prices, WorldRemit is 46% cheaper than banking institutions which is why this is one of the alternatives that people are looking into. 


  • Promo Codes


WorldRemit also promotes discounts to its customers through coupons and vouchers. You can use these discount codes when you refer a friend to their service. Once they sign up and send money using the platform, a unique referral code will be credited to your account. You can use this to get discounts the next time you send money. The more you refer, the better the chances of getting more considerable savings whenever you transact with WorldRemit. 


  • Online Deals 


It is also possible to score additional savings when you search what online deal finders have for WorldRemit. CouponApprove is one of these sites where the latest promos can be found. You can get a free money transfer if you are a first-time customer or get up to 15% off when doing an airtime top-up. Note that these discount offers will run for a limited time only, so you might want to look into these deals. 


Why WorldRemit Stands Out

Low remittance fees. There are several remittance companies out there that you can approach to send money to your loved ones. But if you are looking for lower costs, you will find that you can get competitive rates with WorldRemit. This online remittance company offers:




One of the advantages of using this online money transfer is that it has cheaper transaction fees. When you compare the rates with companies like Western Union, you will find that this site has more reasonable rates. This way, you can send more to your loved ones. 


  • Faster transaction.


WorldRemit gets your money transferred within minutes. Unlike in banks where you will have to wait for 3 to 5 days, depending on the country and the recipient’s bank, WorldRemit can send your money fast. No need for your loved ones to wait that long to use the funds you have sent them. Take note that the transaction speed will vary depending on the country. 


  • More options. 


Another plus to using this platform is that you have several options to choose from when sending money. Aside from sending money to another bank, WorldRemit lets you send money through mobile money transfer, cash pickup, airtime top-up, or through WorldRemit Wallet. You can choose which is more convenient for the recipient. 


  • Easy to use the app. 


Whether you will be sending money via your computer or mobile phone, their online app is seamless and easy to use. You choose where you are located and where the recipient is, enter the amount you want to transfer, and select how to remit the money. Just enter the details of the recipient and pay for the fee, and that’s it. You will receive an email or a message that your transaction has been received. It is also possible to keep track of the money that you sent too, so you will know if the recipient has picked it up or not. 


Another plus to using their platform is figuring out when the best time is to send money based on real-time exchange rates. You can opt to get notified about the current rates on your phone, so you can send money to get the best value for it. 


  • Safe and secure.


It is not uncommon for customers like you to worry about the safety and security of your and your recipient’s data when sending money. WorldRemit guarantees that all data being entered on their site will be stored safely and securely. They comply with the laws in different countries regarding their money remittances, which means that any transactions with this platform will be secured. 


  • More countries are served. 


WorldRemit lets you send money to more than 100 countries across the globe. This makes it easier for you to care for your loved ones even when you are far away from each other. You can check which countries WorldRemit services from their website. Take note that the transaction fees will vary from one country to the next. Regarding how much money you can send, it will depend primarily on where you will send the funds, and that’s it. 


How Fast Will Your Money be Made Available?


Although WorldRemit promises fast transactions, there are instances when the time can take more than a few minutes. As mentioned before, this site guarantees safety and security every time you send money, but some factors can affect the time. 


  • Identity Checks. 


WorldRemit will conduct an identity check on all transactions to ensure that they are legit. This is why you need to be correct with the information you input on their website or app. Any errors with the details can make the transaction time go longer. 


  • Time. 


When you send money will also play a part in how long the funds will appear on the opposite side. This is especially true if you will be sending it to their bank. It will help if you know the rules about sending money to a particular bank to ensure that your recipient promptly receives it. 


  • Third-Party Operating Hours


The speed at which the money will appear can also be affected by the operating hours of the third party that WorldRemit is using. 


  • Your Preferred Option


WorldRemit offers different methods for you to send money. Bank transfers usually take time, but if you choose home delivery (which is available in Vietnam), the longest it will take is up to a week. Please choose the best option from their list to speed up the remittance process. 


Enjoy Faster Remittance with WorldRemit 

Sending money should not take long to reach your loved ones. WorldRemit reduces the waiting time so that you can send funds and have them available as quickly as possible. You can use their mobile app anywhere you go. Plus, if you encourage your recipient to have a WorldRemit Wallet, you can easily remit money as needed. 


Aside from their cheaper transaction fees, you can also use their promo codes to get more savings in the process. These deals can be found in CouponApprove, where all the latest deals are listed. You can browse their selection to see which one will fit your current needs. Just make sure that you add the code before you pay for the transaction to enjoy the discount. 


No matter where you are or what you do, remitting money is easy with WorldRemit. With competitive transaction fees and an easy platform to use, you can send money fast and efficiently. 

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