Lovecoin Token Review – Is Lovecoin the Next Bitcoin?

Lovecoin Token believes that cryptocurrency should be about more than the accumulation of additional wealth. On January 25, 2020, LCT embarked on a two-fold mission to increase charitable giving and make cyber-currency usage more inclusive.

Cryptocurrency With A Higher Purpose

Lovecoin plans to release a maximum of 500,000,000,000 tokens. Ten percent of the value of each Lovecoin Token in circulation will go to charities. Based on the current value of Lovecoin coins, LCT will potentially contribute over $50 million to humanitarian causes.


Job training

Animal protection

COVID prevention

The charities and causes token holders choose LCT supports.

The Free Cyber-Currency

Involvement in most cryptocurrencies requires the user to either purchase coins or download expensive mining software. When people sign up with Lovecoin Token, they receive 50,000 free tokens through what LCT calls an “airdrop.” As the number of LCT users increases, the number of coins airdropped to new users will decrease.

Mining For Lovecoins

Mining for LCT coins requires nothing more than a home computer. Lovecoin prospectors can download the mining software from Coin mining is the receipt of LC tokens in exchange for watching ads and conducting web searches. Ultimately, the number of coins available through mining will be 1.5 billion.

Avoiding The “Tragedy of The Commons”

Often, issuers of cryptocurrency have no formal organizational structure. That informality creates a problem in promoting their coins known as the “tragedy of the commons.” Lovecoin’s strategy for increased circulation is a word-of-mouth campaign based on the example of successful websites like Amazon and Facebook. Existing token holders are rewarded with 50,000 additional LCT coins each time they bring a new user into the Lovecoin Token fold.

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