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Innovation Hopes to ReOpen San Jose Area Wedding and Event Venues

San Jose, CA – A once vibrant event venue and party rental service economy in the greater San Jose,CA and Silicon Valley area has been all but shuttered with the ongoing shutdowns by California Governor Gavin Newsom and his reopening strategy. Many local south bay wedding and event venues have been struggling to pay rents and have long exhausted what little stimulus funding was made available at the beginning of the shutdown. Recently, the state announced a grant for underserved business sectors, but the priority seems to be more about restaurants and less about the many wedding and event venues or hospitality workers that have not been able to host events in almost an entire year. How are these businesses coping with the pandemic and can they reopen safely. Much debate has appeared online talking about the difference (or lack of) between a crowded San Jose Costco on a weekend and a large wedding venue with a reduced capacity and masked guests. A double standard is apparent to many. Recently several Wineries and Venues in the Napa, CA area have filed suit against the Office of Governor to challenge the shutdowns. The outcome of this lawsuit is still pending.

San Jose Photo Booth Rental is one company struggling to survive the pandemic and to help reopen safely, they have implemented new software to allow for a completely contact-less wedding photo booth experience. Guests can now use their cell phones and QR codes displayed on the photo booth screen to start a session, take a photo, and even send/receive their digital photo booth image to their phones via text message or email for posting to social media. This touchless experience is timely and sounds like a great solution.

However the reality is with event venues still closed and all parties being declared illegal, until further notice, it’s not likely many wedding couples and guests will get to try this new technology out any time soon. We here in the wedding industry are keeping our fingers crossed for all the event venues, wedding halls, and hospitality/entertainment workers who are still struggling in this economy throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, California, and across the country.

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