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Protection Dog Industry Experiencing Growth

Mighty Dog Academy Dog Trainer
Personal Protection Dog

Lafayette, CA – As civil unrest is on the rise in several metropolitan areas across the country, the executive protection dog industry is seeing a sharp increase in demand for trained dogs and protection dog training.  With many law enforcement organizations facing the defunding movement, wealthy individuals are becoming more and more aware that they will have to defend themselves and their own families during a time of crisis or political unrest.

Personal protection dogs offer a unique way to provide safety to your family, while the head of the household is travelling for business. Executive protection dogs are a much less dangerous option as compared to owning a gun. Weapons experts often caution against using weapon due to the complexities of gun laws and the potential for a gun to be taken away from the owner and used against them. By contrast, a German Shepherd is fiercely loyal to its own family (pack) and is naturally suspicious of strangers. A German Shepherd cannot be weaponized against the people who feed and care for the dog.

This makes a personal protection dog the ultimate choice for many high profile people wanting to avoid many of the legal complications, obtain a feeling of safety, and just the sight of a trained dog can serve as a deterrent to many would-be attackers.

With that being said, a trained protection dog needs to have the right temperament for the family they are going to live with and matching the right dog with the right family is an art that only experienced dog trainers can master. In addition, protection dogs require an ongoing commitment to train and care for the dog over its lifetime.

Mighty Dog Academy is one dog trainer who specializes in personal protection dogs. Their trainers have a law enforcement background with police canines and are well qualified to help you select the right personal protection dog for your needs.

For more information on Executive Protection Dog Training and Selection contact Mighty Dog Academy at (925)438-0572 or visit them on Facebook