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Dog Trainer in Concord CA Adapts to Changing Economy

Concord, CA Dog Trainer

Concord, CA – K9-1 Kennels is adapting to the changing economy and is proud to announce they are now offering group dog training sessions at an affordable rate for those who may have been unable to afford their private one on one classes. This reporter recently attended a group training and the lead K-9 Trainer, Pat Duggan, starts the classes by guiding the small group of pets and their owners through a series of obedience exercises designed to help both novice dog owners and the veteran pet owners keep their pets as obedient as canine good citizens.

K9-1 Kennels also uses a series of rotating locations for group classes by design. This helps dogs succeed in any environment. We learned that just because a dog knows how to sit or lay down at home, does not mean they will know the same behavior at the park or while out shopping. Little gems like this are one of the many things we learned during our time with K9-1 Kennels in Concord, CA.

They specialize in off-leash obedience training and often work with high-drive working dogs used in dog sports and personal protection work.

For more information contact them at:

K9-1 Kennels

981 Bancroft Ave. Unit E

Concord, CA

Call: (925)323-2090

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