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Craig Campbell SEO

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage’s MEP site is redirecting visitors to biography EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier after domain was purchased by IT specialist Craig Campbell SEO stated’it took moments’ to purchase the domain after it died. He said he wished to’increase consciousness of the identity problems’ and electronic existence. The 40-year-old stated his next project could be climate activist Greta Thunberg

Visitors to were amazed as they anticipated advice regarding the leader of their Brexit celebration but were redirected into the European Commission website rather.

Mr. Craig Campbell, that has the maximum YouTube readers in Scotland, said he wished to increase consciousness of the identity problems so that he chose to make the shift. It is a website which gets enormous traffic, thousands of visits per day. All that’s happened is he or his group let the domain expire and until they can animate it, I needed it. It took moments.

He could have it back if he desires. I am not tough to find online. Up before earlier in December the website was listed on Wikipedia because of his official website. Mr. Campbell is contemplating his next job and said it may be teenaged climate activist Greta Thunberg. He included: Politically we’re very different so that I wondered what I could do with it to increase consciousness of the identity problems. Redirecting into Barnier’s site appeared to be a fantastic means to create the point. It had been actually careless of his folks to have abandoned the old domain on his own Wikipedia page. Someone might have purchased this and used it for donations off individuals or attempted to scam individuals. That is the type of thing a great deal of crooks can perform. Individuals might have been scammed for substantial quantities of money here fairly easily – possibly by affiliate links or even more clear asks for cash. His fanbase might have been completely ripped off while believing they were providing money to Farage. In the standpoint of internet, the website is a goldmine. It ranks highly over his new official website when you visit Google, it’s tens of thousands of links going to it and can be seen by tens of thousands of people per day now. In a digital marketing standpoint, it’s like it gets on numerous levels. Individuals and companies have to keep your eye on their electronic existence and put things up correctly so they are not losing out on a great deal of prospective company or seeing their standing takes a hit by somebody setting up a spoof website. There are also informed methods to shut a website – but that was not done.