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Nationally distinguished attractions and some of the UK’s best shopping. A young city, incorporating historical market towns, with stunning countryside on the doorstep. 40 minutes from London, 30 minutes from London Luton Airport, and a stop on the West Coast Mainline, linking Scotland and the North West with the capital.

On Monday, Milton Keynes marks the 50th anniversary of its designation as a brand-new town. To celebrate, we’ve picked 50 reasons to enjoy Buckinghamshire’s leading collection of roundabouts. I know what you’re thinking: what, only 50? The visionary city is based upon a grid network. All primary roadways are designated H or V depending on whether they run horizontally or vertically.

The world’s favourite retail mechanical lube is made in Milton Keynes. Only 6 individuals understand the dish, so think of just how much more squeaking there would remain in the world if they passed away in a freak mishap or were bumped off by service competitors. Amongst the city’s 220 works of public art is this 1978 sculpture by Canadian artist Liz Leyh including 3 cows and 3 calves, roughly half life-size and so, you ‘d think, confusing to wandering livestock.

There are more than 20,000 parking spaces in central Milton Keynes, happily not all of them presently filled by vehicles. Some 7. 5 million people live within a one-hour drive of Milton Keynes; it’s unfair to recommend that numerous of them would rather live 2 hours away. Everybody’s favourite retail mechanical lubricant.

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It has become so much more, while not quite overcoming native sniffiness. As writer Neil Gaiman once noted: “Milton Keynes is a brand-new city roughly midway between London and Birmingham. It was built to be contemporary, efficient, healthy and, all in all, an enjoyable location to live. Many Britons find this amusing.” The concepts of Californian city theorist Melvin Webber, who believed that the traditional concentric city would be superseded by “community without propinquity”, proved prominent among Milton Keynes planners.

Hence the city’s unique 1km-sized “grid squares”, or residential areas, where “employees, supervisors, vicars and doctors” would socialize in shops, schools and AFUs (advanced factory systems). Designer Richard Llewelyn-Davies’s masterplan left 40% green area in the city, and 2 valleys as direct parks with lakes to hold floodwater. Today two-fifths of Milton Keynes is open area.

Milton Keynes has about 130 roundabouts. It is difficult to be more accurate about their number since it is growing all the time. Like concrete cow pats, but bigger, they appear inexplicably overnight. Sometimes you do not believe you’re in a city. Homes and commercial estates are typically hidden behind grassy banks and thickets of willow, pine and dogwood.

The city has its critics. In the 1970s, fogeyish P.i. founder Christopher Booker called it “the absolutely depersonalised nightmare which haunted Aldous Huxley just 40 brief years”, while more recently architectural critic Owen Hatherley damned the city for its “dull, kitsch, Thatcherite reality”, adding: “Today, Milton Keynes is still the non-place it was planned to be.” Milton Keynes was premised on the cultivation of community spirit and charitable sentiment.

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Simply a few more reasons Milton Keynes is a model worth following.” A plethora of areas to park your car. Picture: Shockpix Premier/AlamyMidsummer Boulevard is so called since the sun increases at its east end on the summer solstice. This was no mishap; in the trippy early 70s, designers sought advice from Greenwich observatory to get the exact angle required at their latitude in Buckinghamshire and then encouraged engineers to shift Milton Keynes’ grid of roads a couple of degrees.

The 119 square miles city has 15 lakes and 11 miles of canals. (Birmingham, obviously, boasts more miles of canals than Venice and more trees than Paris, so take it with a grain of salt.) Milton Keynes is philosophically predicated on something uncommon in nostalgia-hobbled, class-stratified, can’t- do Britain. Pete Marland, leader of Milton Keynes council states: “Individuals came to MK to be part of something brand-new where everyone could form their place called house.

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The two-seater LUTZ Pathfinder reached speeds of 15mph, which is quicker than the typical lorry speed in London, where gridlocked vehicle drivers have actually recently created their own driverless cars and trucks by chucking the keys through the window and straying. By 2018 there is expected to be a fleet of 40 pods of driverless cars altering how people take a trip around Milton Keynes.

In 2015 Milton Keynes received 9m to motivate using plug-in automobiles to lower emissions. Milton Keynes has more than 22 million trees and shrubs, around 100 for each resident. Midsummer Boulevard, house to some of the city’s 22 million trees. Photo: David Sillitoe/The GuardianIt likewise has more than 180 miles of bridleways, footpaths and cycle tracks.

The smart Trick of Milton Keynes Development Partnership: Mkdp That Nobody is Talking About

In the financially bleak 1970s, the government lent Milton Keynes Development Corporation cash, and “as quickly as this land was developed, it became far more valuable: this uplift spent for MK’s infrastructure,” as Patrick Barkham explained in the Guardian. It also claims the UK’s very first peace pagoda, its very first purpose-built ecumenical church and its first kerbside household recycling.

These pre-fabricated homes, developed in 2007 for simply 60,000 each, could be knocked up in 24 hr and were hailed at the time by deputy prime minister John Prescott as a means of conquering Britain’s housing shortage. Later on reports highlighted leaking windows and mould, but let’s not spoil the story.

Outstanding even if Snozone ought to have a “w” and Xscape is an unbearable neologism. Skating duo Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. Photo: Eamonn McCabe/ The Observer/Hulton GettyIf you aren’t humming Ravel’s Bolero yet, you will after finding out that the city’s Planet Ice rink was used for practice by the 1984 Olympic gold medal-winning ice dance duo.

Nor is it real that the other name thought about in 1967 for the city was John Maynard Friedman. However, the town of Milton Keynes from which the 50-year-old city gets its name was once Middletone, and owned by a Norman family named de Cahaines, from whom Keynes might have descended.

Unknown Facts About Milton Keynes Dons

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The football club’s house is a 30,000-capacity all seater stadium in the city. Originally called Wimbledon FC, it controversially transferred from south London in 2003. Confusingly, today it shares its label with a brand-new club AFC Wimbledon, also known as the “Dons”. Fans of the former describe themselves as “Wombles”, a moniker previously used to followers of Wimbledon FC.

Fenny Stratford Lock has a drop of about 1ft, that makes its existence appealingly daft.Elisabeth Frink’s wonderful 1978 sculpture Black Horse was commissioned by Milton Keynes Development Corporation, sponsored by Lloyds Bank and positioned outside one of its branches, long prior to we, the British taxpayer, needed to bail out the boneheads who ran the bank into the ground. Photo: AlamyPerhaps the bidders.

remembered Arnold Wesker’s play, in which someone safeguards the town therefore:” But after all Milton Keynes is the house of the Open University and it’s not all that dead here and there’s this gallery” Since 1971, more than 1,600,000 individuals have studied with the Open University, whose 48-hectare school head office remains in Milton Keynes.