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Nov 15

Reverse mortgages allow you to gain capital without having to sell or move. This could be useful when you need help with your retirement costs, but you risk losing your home's equity. It is vital to know how reverse mortgages work before you apply for one. There are some most effective reverse mortgages in San Diego that are working to offer their services.


Who can get a reverse mortgage?

The type of loan and the lender could have different qualifications. These conditions apply to HECMs (home equity mortgages that convert):


  • To be eligible, you must be at minimum 62 years of age

  • The land should be your principal residence.

  • You must either own the property or have a low balance on your mortgage.

  • You must be able to pay your housing costs soon.

  • Federal debts must be paid in full immediately.

  • The property standards must be met to meet the requirements to live in a single-family or multi-family house.

  • Visit a counselor whom the Department approves has approved Housing and Urban Development.

  • If you are married, you and your spouse must be listed as co-borrowers of the reverse mortgage loan. This will allow you to maintain the property while still receiving the loan from the reverse.

What are the different kinds of reverse mortgage loans?


Home equity conversion mortgages, proprietary reverse mortgages, and single-purpose reverse mortgages are three main types of reverse mortgage loans.


  • Mortgage to Convert Home Equity


The most popular type of reverse mortgage funding is the home equity conversion mortgage. These loans are backed by the Federal Housing Administration (or FHA), a Department of Housing and Urban Development Division. If the debt you have to your reverse mortgage is greater than the value of your house and your home, the FHA will take care of the majority of all the difference.


  • Reverse mortgage on your property


Private reverse mortgages are comparable to HECMs, except the government is not a part of them. They have fewer restrictions, and the lender may lower qualifying requirements in certain circumstances, such as eliminating the need to analyze the financials by a HUD counselor. If you have a high-value property, a private reverse mortgage is a "jumbo" reverse mortgage, which is a loan that is more than the HECM limitations on loans. Some fees may be higher than those of a HECM.


  • Purchase with HECM


You can use the HECM to purchase a brand new home for your principal residence. Instead of taking out the first-lien mortgage or paying cash for the purchase, you can sign an agreement to purchase your house. You pay a downpayment and then finance the rest of the purchase with a reverse mortgage. The house you are buying cannot be used as a holiday home or investment property.


It is possible to close all of your debts in one transaction, and you won't have to pay regular mortgage payments for your new home. A home equity line-of-credit (HECM) is preferred for older adults to be closer to loved ones.


  • Reverse Mortgage for one purpose


A lender can restrict the amount that you can use money from a reverse loan. The funds cannot be used to pay taxes or home repairs. Though they're an affordable option, reverse mortgages may not be accessible in all regions. These reverse mortgages are generally for borrowers with low or moderate incomes who might not qualify for other kinds of mortgages. They are offered by certain state and local governments and non-profit organizations.

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