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Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs

Nov 7

Myths of Air Duct Cleaning

You could believe that cleaning your air ducts on a regular basis is an effective way to make sure you have efficient heating and cooling as well as avoid expensive repairs. But, most of the time it's the opposite.


Maintain Your Ducts Clean

Many homeowners believe that by making use of a vacuum as well as a long dust broom, they could clean their ducts on their own. This isn't a great idea. Duct cleaning for colorado springs isn't a DIY project. Only use a professional who is certified with the necessary tools and equipment.


A high-end roto bristle machine equipped with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter and a vacuum unit is used to clean the air ducts. The brush is run through the ducts numerous times. It starts at the duct that is the furthest from the furnace.


The technician begins with the duct's furthest run and runs the machine through each run several times to remove dirt and debris. To ensure that no particles remain, it is suggested that the indoor and furnace coils are cleaned thoroughly.


The Realities of Duct Cleaning


When the situation requires it, Elevation Mechanical LLC does air duct cleaning for colorado springs customers. There are some common duct cleaning fallacies need to be eliminated before deciding if cleaning ducts is the best option for keeping your HVAC in good working order.


1. Cleaning the ducts increases airflow.


False. Duct cleaning isn't the best solution for the long term when you are experiencing issues with air movement and hot or cold patches or an absence of heating or cooling in your home. Only microscopic particles can be removed from the duct system by cleaning your ducts. It doesn't alter the design of your system, increase airflow or balance it. Cleaning won't be capable of closing any holes in the duct system.


A professional-conducted Flow Hood test to measure the amount of air pushed through your HVAC system, as well as a thorough duct examination, are required to resolve airflow concerns adequately. Here are a few possibilities for solutions:


2. Ducts should be cleaned every three to five years.


In no way. While air duct cleaning may be necessary to eliminate accumulated particles that are causing problems for cost-effective HVAC operation, this should not be a concern that happens every couple of years. Regular HVAC maintenance does not include duct cleaning. If your ductwork has been properly sealed, you do not have to scrub it. The filters are changed according to the manufacturer's instructions. Clean the floor registers at least once every six months to remove dust accumulation.

3. Cleansing the ducts will remove odors and mold.


Absolutely not. Absolutely not. Cleaning your ducts by itself will not remove odors from the HVAC system. Certain companies offer temporary solutions by using Microbial sprays in their duct cleaning services. The smells will come back!


Spraying scents won't rid you of the source of the smells in the first place. To eliminate the odors completely the first step is to remove the source. The following are some examples:


  • Rodents

  • The remains of pets' waste like feces and fur

  • The ductwork that hasn't been properly sealed can allow air to get into the attic space or crawl space.

  • The growth of mold or the accumulation of moisture

  • Air duct cleaning can remove particles from the air. However, it isn't enough to remove the factors that trigger them. When the odors have gone it is possible to consider the possibility of upgrading or installing an air filtration system to keep your air clean and healthy.


4. They won't get damaged by cleaning your air ducts.


You can be assured! Certain types of ducting can be more vulnerable to damage than others. Before you start cleaning your ducts, be sure you have the following:


Flexible ductwork consists of a spring covered with the form of a thin layer of plastic. The thin layer is then covered in insulation, which blocks heat from entering or exiting the duct. This is the covering that covers the duct. The delicate plastic covering around the spring may be damaged by heat generated by your attic or walls. This kind of ducting is particularly susceptible to being damaged during cleaning. The more ductwork that is older and more prone to damage, the more likely it is to be damaged.


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