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Common Garage Door Problems In San Diego And How To Fix Them

Feb 1

We depend on our garage doors often. They are used every day, and sometimes several times per day. So when they start becoming agitated, it could cause a lot of disruption to our daily lives. There are quick fixes to the most frequent garage door San Diegoproblems. Read on to find out more!


1. The Door's Off The Tracks

The first step is to check the tracks of your garage door for debris and obstructions. After you've cleared the track, gently press it back into place with an abrasive mallet. If this isn't working, the track might require replacement.


2. The Door Will Not Close All the Way

There are two reasons the garage door will not shut completely. It could be that the close limit switch must be adjusted or the opener's optical eye sensor isn't aligned correctly. Simply turn the knob or screw until the garage door shuts completely. To realign the photo eye sensor remove the lens and move it to be level with the garage door opener's carriage.


3. The Door opens on its Own

If the garage door is opening without effort, there are two possible reasons: either there is something blocking the photo eye sensor or the security settings on your garage door opener needs to be adjusted. To check for obstruction clean up any debris or other objects that could block the lens. If that doesn't accomplish the trick, then you or your trusted garage doors San Diego professional need to change the security settings on your opener following these steps:


  • Press and hold the "learn" button on your opener until the indicator light starts flashing.

  • When you hold your remote, press and hold down both buttons until the indicator light starts flashing.

  • After you have removed both buttons, press and hold one button. This will decide if your door will open or close.

  • The indicator light should be steady and not flashing. If not, follow these steps until it does.


4. The Door Opens Too Far

If the garage door is too wide there is a good chance that one of your cables have been ripped loose or damaged. This is an easy fix: tighten loose cables or replace broken ones with replacements of equivalent strength and size. It is also important to make sure that your springs are balanced. Too many springs in one could cause issues in the future.

5. The Door is Noisy

There are two things you can do if your garage door sounds louder than usual. First, be sure all bolts and nuts are tight. Also, you should lubricate every moving part with WD-40 or a similar product. In most cases this will take care of things fairly quickly!

6. The Door is Slow

One reason your garage door may be slowing down is due to obstructions to one of the rollers. If springs have been in use for more than 7 years, it could be a sign that they are starting to wear out and will need to replaced. If you think this could be part of the problem, call a garage doors San Diego professional right immediately. Garage doors are extremely heavy and could be dangerous if they're not functioning correctly!


No matter what type of problem you're experiencing regarding your garage door there's probably a quick and easy fix to it! This article should have given you some useful tips to aid you when your garage door is getting a little agitated. If not, keep in mind: when in doubt, contact an professional garage doors San Diego company! They can help you solve any problem that you may encounter.

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