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Jan 23


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cedar shake roof replacement

A cedar shake roofing can last for years. This type of roofing material is a great choice for many reasons. Among the most important benefits of a wood shake roof are its distinctive look as well as its natural appeal. While these roofs are strong, however, they aren’t guaranteed to last for long. It is important to maintain them properly to keep them looking gorgeous.

A cedar shake roofing is an elegant and regal addition to any property. Not only does it offer the highest level of protection, but it also has an attractive appearance, making it ideal for homes and buildings with unique styles.

Wood shake roofs are extremely durable. But they aren’t able to withstand extreme damage or loss of shakes. So, regular maintenance is crucial. Once a cedar shake roof is in place, you’ll need to apply new coatings and treatment every few years or more to protect it. Also, you should examine the roof regularly for leaks to make sure there’s nothing underneath. You might need to replace the entire roof with a new one if the shakes have become damaged or are missing.

A cedar shake roof is made of thicker wood than a cedar shingle. This means it provides more variety in terms of appearance. It’s also more resistant to heat, sunlight, and shade. It’s a durable choice for a roof. Its unique cut and natural appearance will give your home a distinctive and personal touch.


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