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Registering a Limited Company in Thailand

Sep 15

Registering a Limited Company in Thailand requires a certain procedure. This procedure includes the appointment of a general director, auditors, managers, and the drafting of a charter - a document that is required for the registration of the company. A company's charter should be approved by a meeting of the company's directors.


Process of Registering Thai Limited Company

The Process of Registering a Thai Limited Company starts with filing the Memorandum of Association (MoA) with the Commercial Registration Department, the Registrar of Companies in Thailand. This document should include the name and location of the company, the promoters, the business objective, and the number of shareholders. The company must also select a board of directors and appoint an auditor.

The next step in the process is choosing a company name. In Thailand, a limited liability company is required to have a name that does not violate any laws or trademarks. In addition, the name must end with 'limited'. Once the name is approved, the company founders must call a statutory meeting and appoint directors. Finally, the founding members must sign the constitutive documents.

The director is the most important person in a company. They are responsible for signing and approving most official documents. Generally, a Thai person should be the director. This will help avoid unnecessary inspections.


Multiple Entry Thai Business Visa

Obtaining a Multiple Entry Thai Business Visa for registering ltd companies in Thailand is essential for foreign nationals who wish to invest or apply for a job. The visa is valid for 90 days and can be renewed at the Thai immigration office. It can also be used for work permit applications.

To register a limited company in Thailand, you must first register a Thai company. Once registered, you will need to open a corporate bank account. Some Thai banks only offer savings accounts for companies, so you may need to apply for a separate account. In addition, you will likely not have access to an ATM card. If you plan to pay clients in cash, you will need to provide them with a paper withdrawal slip signed by the company's owner and stamped by the bank. Alternatively, you can choose a digital business account, which allows you to pay your clients online.

A valid passport must be provided when applying for a Multiple Entry Thai Business Visa. The document must have at least six months of validity and two blank pages. You must also submit two passport-sized photos with a light background and a neutral expression. The application form must be signed and submitted with the required documents. Moreover, you must submit a bank statement proving that you have enough funds to cover your expenses in Thailand.


Thai Work Permit

A Thai Limited Company is the preferred structure for foreign investors to establish their businesses in Thailand. These companies are structured to protect your investment and can be set up within days. Additionally, they support Foreign Work Permits. Another option is a BOI Company, which is promoted by the Thai government and offers huge tax breaks and incentives for investors. In addition, BOI companies can be 100% foreign-owned, and many of them offer land ownership.

In order to obtain a Thai Work Permit, your company must have a minimum of two million Baht in registered capital. In addition, you must hire at least 4 Thai nationals to work for the company. Moreover, your company needs to have a minimum of two million BahT in paid-up capital for each foreign employee. Generally, you don't need more than four employees if you are married. In addition, the capital does not have to be fully paid up in cash - you can use assets or even a director's loan.