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How to Create the Perfect Backyard Landscape With Rock and Gravel

Jul 30

The first thing you must do to beautify your landscaping is to add plants or mulch. These are options that merit full support. It's also possible to conserve water while maintaining your landscape with gravel and stones. Friends, processed stone CT would like to present some of our top ideas for using stone and gravel to enhance hardscapes with color, texture, and utility.

Which stone is ideal for landscaping?

There are two kinds of decomposed granites:

Sand and brownish red decomposed granite can give landscapes an earthy and rustic appearance. This low-cost option is ideal for garden trails, trees, and xeriscapes.

Pea Gravel is in second place.

As the name implies, pea gravel has a pea-sized size in the range of 1/4 to 1/8 inches in diameter. White, tan, and brown are just a few available shades. Gravel made from peas is a great option to pave roads and fill in the gaps between pavers. Mulch does not decompose; however, the material isn't.


Granite Gravel Crushed

It has more particles than decomposed granite, which gives your yard a more natural appearance and is cheaper than other gravel options. This piece of art provides an easy transition between your garden's plants and pathways.


Rocks of Lava

The rock is made from volcanic lava. It has vivid colors that make it a wonderful addition to any landscape. Dried-out areas will benefit from its ability to hold heat throughout the day and release it in the evening. Due to its lightweight and low mass, lava rock makes it easy to transport and spread.

River Rock

You'll still be able to enjoy gorgeous scenery even if you don't live close to the river. Pea gravel, on the contrary, is more coarse in texture and is less in size. The stone-based CT shades can be used to create stunning landscape borders and dry stream beds. They can be used for removing water from the foundation of a home.



This war will not be without weapons. Flagstones and larger rocks are great ways to build paths between landscape features, like garden paths or stone steps.

Brick chips that are chipped

We're trying to go against the trend. It's not rocking, however, many people employ it in hardscapes. Brick chips come in various shades, including brown and reddish colors. They're great for driveways and walks.


Chips of Marble

Please shift your countertops.

Marble doesn't need to be utilized in kitchens. For containers and landscape design features, marble chips can be a chic and sophisticated solution to cover the soil. Avoiding them around plants with high acidity is a good idea because marble can alter soil pH.

Stones and gravel can make a range of landscaping options, from simple walks to stylish courtyards. Choose the suitable rock to match your style and decor with the advice of our expert experts in processed stone CT.

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