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What Is A Live Casino, And How Does It Work?

Jun 28

If you feel that playing online casino games is like playing video games, you must be exhausted by them. They’re thrilling, immersive, but at the end of the day you feel put out by the fact that you’re playing against a computer and not a real human or dealer.


This is why live gambling is becoming a more suitable alternative for gamblers worldwide. Technology has always found ways to offer people real-life experiences and solutions even, without proximity to the activity they want to experience. This is why you can now play live casinos online as if you were in the physical building.


What Is A Live Casino?

It is exactly what the name suggests - a real casino that has been brought to the virtual world through the magic of modern technology. The games are streamed from studios (or even actual casinos) to your screen in real-time.


You'll play live casino games here as if you were at an actual land-based casino, except you get to do so from the comfort of your home. The dealers, tables, games, shuffling cards, and spinning wheels are broadcast straight to your computer or mobile device using high-quality video streams. This makes for a fun and exciting experience, almost as good as being there in person. Now, how does it work?


How Live Casino Works

The two key differences between live games and online versions are as follows; the dealer is remote, and the game plays out in real-time. This means that while you're playing your favorite slot machine, it will be as if you were sitting in front of a real live machine at a Vegas casino.


The dealer isn't physically there. They are live on-screen from one of the many studios around the world. This allows you to chat with your dealer and see their facial expressions as they deal their cards, which is impossible when playing online.


How? The software streams video from both cameras — one for your view, another for theirs — so that everything is perfectly synchronized when you hit 'spin'. The Optical Camera Recognition technology picks up every bit of action directly. There are several games to choose from, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, 3-card poker, Poker, and Keno.


What Is The First Step To Playing Live?

Choose a casino of your choice and make a deposit before you start playing. To start, you can work on the process at a physical gambling space.


1. Choose Your Game

When you log on to the site, you will see a list of games available. Choose the game you are familiar with and enjoy. If you are unsure what game to choose, it's best to go with something simple, such as blackjack, roulette, or baccarat.


After choosing your favorite game, head to the live casino section and select live dealers from several available options. Once again, this choice can be based on various factors such as language preference or the appearance of players. The next thing is to choose your table and seat number.


2. How Do I Join a Table?

You can join a table by clicking on the 'join table' button. You will be assigned a seat and can choose to sit at any table, but you should choose a table with a small number of players.


The minimums for each game differ depending on how many people are playing. For example, there are usually more players playing roulette than blackjack, so it is harder to get into roulette tables than blackjack tables. You also need to understand that some games require multiple decks while others only require one or two decks. So make sure to consider the number of players and what kind of deck each game uses.


3. Familiarize Yourself with a Game Before You Play

To play casino games, you will need to learn the rules of each game and the strategies that can be useful in playing it. This can take some time but is not difficult.


The first step is to familiarize yourself with the various casino games available. The casino staff may also be able to help explain things if needed. And that's how you start playing live. So long as you have a strong internet connection, you won't have any issues.



The live online casino platform is an amazing way for people to enjoy their favorite games in a new way - an online realistic experience. Because of the high-tech and innovations in place, you can talk with other players and dealers. 


You can even chat with the game host if you want help navigating your first steps. This means you won't be chatting with a computer program or AI system like an online casino, giving a better gaming experience.