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The Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Replacement

Jun 11

Cabinets stained with staining typically have the appearance of a warm, rustic design. Paint cabinets on the other side can be adapted to suit various styles and preferences including traditional and contemporary. Refinishing cabinets may be more cost-effective than painting them. Am I required to change my cabinets to new ones? You might consider replacing the entire cabinetry in your kitchen if cost is not an issue.

If you decide to refinish the cabinets instead, you'll be able to retain their durability as well as give them a modern and modern look. It is also possible to save money by updating your cabinets, rather than replacing them. You can instead use the money to refinish hardwood floors, replace tile backsplashes and paint your kitchen. You can also purchase new appliances.


Refacing is the process of removing the cabinet and drawer fronts doors from your cabinets and installing custom-made cabinet doors. There are numerous options available regarding door styles, colors, and staining. Refacing cabinets is more expensive than replacing them entirely. Talk to your local cabinet refinishing San Diego company about the costs of refacing your cabinets compared to painting or refinishing.


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We'll guide you through the process so you can select beautiful and useful options. Once the cabinets are completed, we'll be installing them. How long will my newly finished cabinets last? Our products are proprietary to our company and are specifically made to last in an active kitchen.


I found an image online I like. Is it possible to recreate it? Yes, in a lot of cases. We're able to do it; we've got 12 different strains to choose from. We can match any color that you request if it isn't in our selection. Our aim is to customize your cabinets and restore them to their former glory in the way you want them to.

When it's time to make a change There are a variety of ways you can redo your kitchen to bring it up to date, functional, and up-to-date. Paint, stain, change out the hardware, or completely replace your cabinets. These techniques can be used to purchase time until your next remodel.


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Refacing your kitchen cabinets is an option to refresh your kitchen by updating what's in place. If your kitchen cabinets are in poor condition, a reface might be beneficial. Refacing basically means taking all cabinet components from your kitchen cabinets without the need to remove their walls.


This can take between 2 and 4 days. It's like this: Take out the doors and the fronts and put away the drawer boxes or boxes. Wood veneer or laminate can be used to cover the sides and the fronts of cabinets.


You can replace drawer fronts and doors with new doors and drawer fronts. It is possible to sand and refinishes, paint, or totally replace these components at this point. Re-install all drawer and cabinet handles and pulls (new or used). You can also add additional features such as integrated lighting and crown molding, glass frames,

and so on. There are plenty of options for refacing your cabinets. Refacing your cabinets can be the best option depending on your budget, timeline constraints as well as the state of the cabinets.


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Cabinet Refacing: A Sustainable Alternative Because you're using your cabinets, and merely updating them, you're saving trees by not tossing your cabinets in the garbage! The style options are nearly limitless. With hundreds of wood veneers, laminates staining, and paint colors, you have the option to reface your cabinets to whatever style you want.


Refacing your kitchen appliances and cabinets is a good option if you like the way they look and function. Refacing kitchen cabinets is much less costly than renovating the whole thing. This choice will help you save time, and money in addition to energy.

Your cabinet boxes need sturdy and smooth surfaces and are in good condition. This is not an easy task to complete by yourself. Applying the laminate requires the expertise of experts. You should be careful in removing doors, drawers, laminate, and even the hardware. You don't want damage to any of those and risk spending and doing more than you originally planned.

If you're seeking professional assistance from a contractor you can trust, contact San Diego Cabinet Finishing today!

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