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Newcastle Art Gallery

Jun 7

About Newcastle Art Gallery

The Newcastle Art Gallery began in 1957 and was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II. The gallery's current location houses over 1,000 works of art from various periods throughout history that are displayed for your viewing pleasure! The fine art collection at the Newcastle Art Gallery is one of Australia's finest, with over 7 thousand pieces from all periods and cultures. This invaluable cultural asset not only benefits locals but also visitors to our city who are able to see for themselves what makes us so great!

The City of Newcastle owns and operates a gallery that has been able to present dynamic exhibitions for both locals, as well as visitors from all over. The City of Newcastle continuously strives to promote art and culture in their community by presenting a range of exhibitions, events or programs. The collection continues on an upward trend with the help we get from our foundation, society members, and many other generous individuals who have donated their time or money towards this cause!

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What to do in Newcastle Art Gallery

Whether you're looking to get more art in your life or are an experienced connoisseur, there's always something new at the Newcastle Art Gallery. From workshops with professional artists-in-residence that focus on different techniques each month; guided tours where we take visitors through our extensive collection by material (oil paint vs watercolour) or theme(s); film screenings showing films inspired not only created here but internationally as well--the Galleries has it all!
Bored during work hours? Check out some educational programs designed especially for teachers who want their students cooled off.

The Gallery offers art workshops, guided tours and film screenings for the general public. Their program includes lectures by experts in various fields as well as seminars that discuss artistic topics from all around the world! They also offer toddler family days where your little one can enjoy aged care activities with other kids his/her own age while you take advantage of some adult time at our library or café next door.

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