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Common AC Problems During Summer

May 2

HVAC Businesses in Colorado Springs get more calls from customers seeking repairs for their air conditioners as the weather heats up. It's not just because it's hot outside, but also because people are more likely to delay fixing their cars.


Why does my AC not work during the summer?

It is more likely to happen in the summer due to the heat and humidity (which is why we advise homeowners who have older HVAC units to consider replacing them in the spring before they fail). There are many problems which can be caused by air conditioners. Some of them are more frequent during the summer months.

Low Charge of Refrigerant

Air conditioners do not use refrigerant when running. Pinhole leaks can cause refrigerants to leak out of coils and lines. This can result in lower refrigerant costs. Operating times that are longer, loss of energy and excessive heat are consequences of running an air conditioner on a low charge. This problem can be addressed with the help of a licensed HVAC contractor who will plug any leaks.

Poor Ventilation:

There are many variables that can affect the airflow into the HVAC unit. A common cause of this is the presence of vegetation around the unit, preventing the air from moving and retaining heat. This can cause overheating. The intake air filter may become more blocked when the air conditioner is used frequently. The filter needs to be replaced every month during the hot summer months. Heating coils that are dirty and filthy filters are often in close proximity. It is important to get your coils cleaned and checked before the start of summer. This will ensure that air flow is free and clear across them.

Problems with electricity


Your HVAC system's electrical components are more vulnerable to damage during summertime. In particular, when operating a weed-wacker close to your air conditioner, you should be exceedingly cautious. The tool itself could damage the fins on the exterior and possibly cut the electrical wires, so be mindful. Employ a professional for this job. This service is offered by HVAC firms in Colorado Springs along with other HVAC services. The capacitor is perhaps the most well-known component in an HVAC system. It's out of service in summer. A rise in load or extreme heat generated by the sun can cause this electrical component to overheat.

In the event of a compressor failure:


While many of these issues can be resolved leaving them unaddressed could lead to an even more costly issue: an engine failure. Lack of airflow or lack of energy can cause the compressor to overload, get hotter, and eventually fail. It is crucial to contact a qualified HVAC professional immediately in the event that your AC stops functioning properly. It's much better to avoid issues from occurring at all. Our Service HVAC technicians Colorado Springs include maintenance for spring and fall HVAC systems.

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